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Cathy Small

Cathy Small was awarded a National Science Foundation grant for and to model and simulate Polynesian social systems. Even writing for a lay audience, there's a lot more of interest that can be said about youth culture and has been said, often by perceptive journalists. Again, the impression of the ability to choose and catering to the feelings and needs of the American student was mentioned.

Individuality and Freedom of Choice were constant these observed by Rebekah. Using pen names in anthropology has several precedents, including "Elenore Smith Bowen" Laura Bohannan and "Cesara Manda" Karla Poewealthough it does seem to be a female practice. Deciding which reading assignments to skip was a necessary survival tactic.

In addition, the author learned why many students find cheating an acceptable response to managing tight schedules and gained insights into the nature of the informal conversations students have about their professors and courses.

She would have to misrepresent the truth of who she is in order to conduct this study.

My Freshman Year

Two people commonly shared a small space. Her intention was to offer enough ambiguity to provide privacy to her interlocutors while they were still in school. Most students that come to AnyU have already formed relationships or expectations of who they will friend.

Rebekah noted that some student doors were decorated elaborately while others more simply. Rebekah discovered the many activities and situations that a student encounters.

Rebekah Nathan constructs an opinion before she actually encounters what the life of a freshman is truly like. She wrote that the faculty had an ambitious and, what they thought exciting, agenda. Why is coming to class such a major problem for college students.

They were also surprised by the professors. She enrolled as a freshman, moved into the dorm, ate in the dining hall, and took a full load of courses. Her formative theory base was to focus on the student population at her university.

Do you think that professors should be stricter on attendance. Why did so few do the assigned readings' Who told them it was OK to eat in class' To answer these questions, Nathan, who's in her 50s, enrolled as a freshman, moved into a dormitory and used her anthropology skills to study the tribal rituals of undergrads.

The responses determined that a movie night was something that was wanted. The students felt that the professors here were more laid back than in their respective countries.

My Freshman Year

What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student review. Is anyone surprised by her findings. It is novel, spare, and speaks delightfully to many interests. Do you feel that this is an issue for our college students?. My Freshman Year Rebekah Nathan.

My Freshmen Year Rebekah Nathan is an anthropologist teacher at a University, as a professor she wonders how college students are so.

Cathy Small

My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student [Rebekah Nathan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After fifteen years of teaching anthropology at a large university, Rebekah Nathan had become baffled by her own students/5(94).

Dec 01,  · Nathan talks about how in college an 18 year old leaves home and starts a new life in the community of college. She then explains that after 4 years and around age 22 that same student leaves that community and goes into the work force. Rebekah Nathan is her pseudonym, which she had to use to protect the identity of her students and her university.

Throughout the writing of My Freshman Year, Nathan paid for all of the expenses in order to protect students’ confidentiality that could lead to situations that could harm them. My Freshman Year.

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After more than fifteen years of teaching, Rebekah Nathan, a professor of anthropology at a large state university, realized that she no. Buy My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student: Read 93 Kindle Store Reviews My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student Kindle Edition Rebekah Nathan had become baffled by her own students.

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Their strange behavior—eating meals at their desks, not completing reading assignments, remaining /5(93).

My freshman year rebekah nathan
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