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Intellectual propertyis a right that allows people to own ideas and have right concerning what happens to these ideas. Custodial performance has received significant attention in the last few years. After the process of recruiting is finished, human resources manager will have to use technology to train new employees.

Various problems relate to the usage of resources: Such intangible resourcesinclude reputational assets brands, image, etc. Milk, beef, cheese and other various dairy products are produced from cows. In Decemberthe custodial team lost 9 FTEs as part of a voluntary separation program. Some resources, like sunlight, air, and wind, are called perpetual resources because they are available continuously, though at a limited rate.

What are our company capabilities functions.

Technological Advances

Buildings with excessive gross square footage per bed have been evaluated and renovated each summer since to optimize the occupancy.

During the summer ofmajor maintenance projects were completed, which is typical of any given year. There are three main impact pathways that need to be considered in the assessment of human health and safety; Communicable Diseases - Vector borne diseases e. The University maintains a three-year list of projects in priority order as a basis for realistic planning and budget allocation.

A Center for Film Studies was constructed in two phases, athletic facilities were consolidated into an expanded Freeman Athletic Center, and the Humanities District historic buildings were renovated. What is happening in the world that might affect our company.

What are the current or emerging trends in lifestyle, fashions, and other components of culture. Public spaces continue to be cleaned daily. There are five different type of intellectual property. What are their barriers to entry. Since its one of the big company there is a high chances of people stilling things form there.

This is in large part due to the inefficiency of the undergraduate student housing portfolio, which includes more than single family houses owned by the University. What are the key areas of uncertainty as to trends or events that have the potential to impact strategy.

Utility Infrastructure The University has maintained a long-term view and near-term plan of its investment in campus wide utility infrastructure, including its Central Power Plant CPPVine Street Electrical Substation, and the systems that distribute utilities from these facilities.

This is needed becauseCoca Cola Company is big and they cannot offered to loose anything from the company. Airplanes Since without aircraft airlines could not function, airplanes constitute a major resource for any airline. Who are our most intense competitors.

Included here are impacts that may be associated with significant consequences for the social and economic structure of the community. The following area analyses are used to look at all external factors affecting a company: These requests are reviewed quarterly by the classroom committee.

Video 2-Religion causing Ganges River Pollution 2. Use and sustainable development[ edit ] Typically resources cannot be consumed in their original form, but rather through resource development they must be processed into more usable commodities and usable things.

Lesson description: Mar 24, For that reason, it's essential that you have a way to monitor employee performance or behavior. Here are a few ways you can do just that.

The human resources function in the BIP organizes and conducts within four sectors: 1. Human resources sector, 2.

Internal relations sector, 3. Development and education sector, 4. Operative sector of human resources. All mentioned sectors are responsible. Physical resources are the material assets that a business owns, including buildings, materials, manufacturing equipment and office furniture.

Physical resources can be sold if a business is facing a cash flow issue. A company's physical resources, particularly raw materials, are subject to depletion, shrinkage and obsolescence.

5 Trends Driving the Future of Human Services Whatever the future of human services innovation looks like, the key for organizations is in making the most of the forces of change in alignment with. is performing. The first part of this unit explores the range of human, physical and technological resources for a selected organisation.

Learners will investigate the importance of managing these resources efficiently.

What are technological resources?

The contribution that recruiting and retaining suitable staff can make to the organisation’s performance is examined. The importance of managing the organisation’s physical and technological. Strategic Initiative 3: Develop, enhance, and retain appropriate fiscal, human, technological, research and physical resources to achieve the University’s mission (Cont'd.) Attachment A.

Prototec resources human technological physical
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What is the definition of physical resources